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Inflammation in my Elbow and Shoulder

I was in your shop 3.5 weeks ago. I walked in and jokingly asked “how can 30 secs change my life” you said “I can show you in 10.” You handed me a ring, performed the balance demonstration, and left me to shop on my own. You said some people will feel better immediately and some take up to three days. What I didn’t tell you was that I have had inflammation in my elbow and shoulder. The pain caused me to get 2 cortisone shots in the last 12 months. The pain prevented me from doing dips and pull-ups at the gym. Flash forward to now. My arm is pain free and I am performing exercises I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do pain free again. Skeptics might say its a mental thing but my girlfriend got a ring as well. She hadn’t slept the whole night through (without getting up) since the day I met her. That is until 3 weeks ago. She has slept every night without getting up since wearing the jewelry; including the first night she put it on. We are amazed with the results! It is almost unreal. Thank you so much!

— Mike