Posts made in August 2017

Sensory Processing Disorder

I was introduced to Body Tune Plus by my niece on a trip to Branson. I have a 12 year old grandson, who has Sensory Processing Disorder which is a condition where the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Although my grandson’s diagnose was not Autism, many of his behaviors and symptoms are commonly seen in children with atypical Autism, now understood to be part of a spectrum.

After personally experiencing pain relief and improved sleep after wearing a Body Tune Plus bracelet and ring, I started researching frequency infusion. I contacted one of the owners and asked him if he had ever heard of kids with Autism, Tourette’s, PDD, or Sensory Processing Disorder benefiting from frequency infused jewelry.He has known it to work for many people who have ailments and experience some of the same symptoms but that he has never infused frequencies specifically for a person with Autism but that he was certainly willing to try and help us!

He then asked me to describe the symptoms that my grandson experiences which affect his normal functioning and disrupt his everyday life. I told him that the most prevalent were motor and vocal tics, anxiety, difficulty focusing, outbursts of anger and emotional meltdowns, insomnia and once asleep, disruptive sleep quality to include bad dreams. He has such a hard time shutting down his mind that going to bed is upsetting to him because he says “I just can’t get my brain to stop thinking so I can go to sleep easy like my brother does!”

Within a few days, they got back with me and said that he had talked with his science expert and they had found additional frequencies that had been known to provide relief in people with similar disorders. These were in addition to the 11 standard frequencies that are already infused in their jewelry. He said they were going to infuse the added frequencies in with the standard ones and send me a Titanium bracelet. My grandson was super excited to try the bracelet because it upsets him that he is often unable to control his emotions and does not sleep well which contributes to his emotional state the next day!

My grandson has now been wearing his new bracelet for a few months. Although he still does not fall asleep as fast as his brother, he said that his sleep is amazing! He just told me when he spent the night that he had a great dream, not a weird, bad one like he used to have! He also used to get a new motor or vocal tic every couple of weeks and we have noticed that those have subsided. We feel that his overall symptoms related to his disorder have improved 50%! When people ask how the bracelet works I simply tell them, “We don’t really understand it, all we know is that he says he feels better and sleeps better and that is enough scientific evidence for us!” Thanks to the great team at Body Tune Plus.

— Connie S., Longview, Texas

Neck and Lower Back/Sciatica Pain

I am a 61 year female and have had neck and lower back/sciatica pain since I was 40. Most of my pain back then was in my spine and right hip but as the years, and bone deterioration progressed, I live with chronic pain daily in my neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Even after surgery to replace a herniated disk, the pain has continued to get worse and in 2016 I was diagnosed with Adjacent Degenerative Neck Disease which is a type of spinal disorder where bone spurs exert pressure on the nerve roots and the neutral compression cause localized chronic pain.

In April my husband and I took a trip to Branson, Missouri and met up with our niece who took us to a little shop called, “Body Tune Plus.” This trip literally changed my life! I am a true believer in trying to relieve pain by natural remedies versus prescription drugs and in all the years I have dealt with my pain I have refused to get on any of the numerous prescription drugs the doctors tried to prescribe to me. So when I entered the shop I was intrigued to hear more about this “frequency infused jewelry”. I purchased a ring and after wearing it for a couple of day I was surprised to get some relief with the pain in my neck and shoulder. When I returned home I started researching frequency infusion further and decided to contact  one of the owners of Body Tune Plus and talk with him about my grandson, who has Sensory Processing Disorder. They were so helpful and not only did he offer to research frequencies that might help my grandson, he worked with me on further relief that he thought might help my sciatica and lower back.

I now wear a Titanium bracelet as well as a ring and I am amazed at the relief I have felt! My neck and shoulder pain has been reduced by 60% to 80% most days and on some days I feel normal with little or no pain! I have been going to a pressure point therapist almost weekly for the past couple of years to try and relieve some of the pain (with a cost of $70 per session and not covered by insurance), and I have now reduced those visits to “maintenance mode” and go once every 8 to 10 weeks! Plus, I can now go to sleep at night without taking a sleeping pill which I have needed for over 10 years.

I was reluctant to share my story because I did not want to “jinx it” but then I decided who cares! If I can help even a few people out there who are living with chronic pain then my testimonial will be worth it. Some might say it’s all in my head but if it is, I am 100% OK with that. Because what is not in my head (or to be more specific my neck, shoulders and sciatica), is the daily chronic pain. And for that, I am truly grateful to the staff at  Body Tune Plus!

— Connie S., Longview, TX