40% Reduction in Pain and Fatigue

First I want to thank you for sending the necklace to me. It seems perfect for me since with my watch and bracelet I’ve run out of wrists for bracelets. ;-). I referred a dear friend to you for ordering. Her name is Lucy Began and she may call to place an order if you would help her make the right choice I would appreciate it.

Ok, now for my situation. I’ve been a chronic pain person for the past 20 years. As I think I told you, in my past life I was a doctor who worked a great deal with trauma surgery. That history left me with a debilitating neuromascular disease with symptoms similar to severe Fibromyalgia, and/or Lime disease. I have been over the years on everything from narcotics to the kitchen sink.

Nothing touched the pain. The numerous symptoms I entertained included Restless Leg Syndrome, Extraparamydal seizures, Depression, etc.,etc., etc.. It has not been an easy 15-20 years. I also was forced to retire from active practice due to the pain and psycho/physical limitations. In short, I lost everything I knew just about overnight.

After I discovered the narcotics were affecting my personal life by changing my personality I decided to find another path toward healing. I began both a quest for alternative treatments and even became a Reiki practitioner using the tenants on surgery patients. I found many specialists in Holistic Medicine which included Psychologists who specialized in using sound and visualization to help relieve the pain. After removing the narcotics from my regimen I was very successful in using Acupuncture and energy therapy to reduce some of the symptoms. You can see I did not have an easy run.

By the time I met your products I had has some success in pain and energy changes but the pain and limitations continued. When I first received the bracelet I noticed a change in my energy and a lessening of fatigue within several hours of putting it on. Then, we have a wonderful conversation where you suggested a second bracelet, necklace, ring, or….. to help relieve pain and symptoms further.

After putting on the necklace, I noticed another reduction in the pain and fatigue. Now I still have pain but I am very pleased to have it in the background and not in my face so to speak. I would say the bracelet reduced my pain and fatigue by 25% and the addition of the necklace decreased the fatigue an additional 15% and the pain by another 15 or so percent. I must say that having a. 40 reduction in pain and fatigue is incredible. Over time I am hopeful perhaps I will have more relief but even if that did not happen your products have made a substantial difference in my life.

I am very thankful for your kindness and understanding and want you to know how much that has meant to me. I can only wish you continued success in helping others. You will have other referrals from me. I am an author, writer, and presenter of spiritual and personal growth and protential. My website is www.listen4whispers.com and I’d love to have you encourage those going through abrupt life change or chronic disease to take a look at my site. There is no cost, charge, or hidden agenda. I wish only to allow all who need spiritual guidance or help to receive it without having cost prevent them from achieving a healthy future.

With enormous appreciation and gratitude.

— Ron