Back Pain in Rotator Cuff

I met Body Tune Plus at the local Womens Show and they were so certain that this product would work for my issues. I was skeptical as it not the typical modern medicine. I work a very strenuous job, standing, bending, lifting and fast paced. I have been having tingling in my back. Sore rotator cuff. Stiffness in my hands. Lack of energy after the first few hours at work. I have been wearing my new bracelet religiously, day and night. I have found that the back pain is gone. My rotator is so much better. My energy has increase a ton. I am getting triple the work done now. I owe it all to my bracelet. That is all that I have changed in my routine. Being a skeptic I wanted to test it one night and didn’t wear it to sleep. And my nightmare came true. I woke up in so much pain and so stiff it threw me for a loop. I am a believer now and will wear my new bracelet day and night; everyday. Thank you Body Tune Plus. You’re a lifesaver.

— Allison Yates