Pain Relief

And the product REALLY works!!! I’m still trying to be skeptical…but the results speak for themselves. I’m very impressed! The best sleep I’ve had in a very long time! My pain is not completely gone, but I am CONSIDERABLY more mobile with a lot LESS pain! Absolutely WOW!!! Thank you SOOOO very much!! I’m telling all my friends about this awesome method and beautiful product (several compliments on bracelet and ring)! And EXCELLENT customer service!! Super helpful, loved the demonstration, and the lady helping me was super, super sweet!!! 💙 This is a awesome product, April Edwards

Insomnia & Arthritis

Greatness in health! 🙂
After getting my ring on Sunday, I am now sleeping again (no more insomnia), my arthritis in my fingers is gone and my sciatica is gone. I will keep on referring others. 🙂

Thank you, Christine


Chemo Patient, balance & pain

I was recently in Branson MO and heard about your jewelry. To be honest, I was very skeptical but I’d try it out anyway. Your associate Carmen Lawson was amazing to demonstrate. She told me to stand on one foot as I did wobbling until I stood firm. She pushed lightly down on the arm on the side with my foot up I tipped. She did it 3 times with same results. Then she had placed a ring on my finger, even with heavy pressure I stood up firm without tipping.
Then we tried with thinnest chain, bracelet…they all worked equally. 
I was wowed and purchased several pieces for my wife, my friends going through chemotherapy and another who recently had a stroke.
Upon my return I gave each of them one and instantly they felt more upright and stable with their balance. Young lady going through chemotherapy who had been in pain tells me the pain had gone away the minute I gave her the necklace. I waited several days before I wrote this because I didn’t want this to be some hoax. I’m sitting here next to my friend getting her chemo, she swears this really made a difference.
I believe it works as I wear my bracelet continuously.
Thank you Carmen for introducing me.
I’ll be ordering some more for my other friends.
Dominic Pangborn