Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I am Susan Goodrum and I am from Houston, TX. I am so excited about my body tune plus ring!! I was vacationing at Eureka Springs Ark, and suffering from a pinched nerve in my right arm for a couple of months. It would hurt my shoulder, neck, and hand on that side with tingling and numbness.

I have had this before and it takes months to get well. I have to usually take a lot of tylenol and muscle creams to alleviate the pain just a little so that I can bare it. I ran into a beautiful, so friendly, and sweet lady named Lindsay at a coffee shop in Eureka Springs. We got to talking and i told her about my arm hurting. She then told me to wear her ring the rest of the day while touristing and come by her business to give it back to her later that day or next and to let her know if my arm felt better.

That was certainly interesting. Especially giving a ring to a stranger that may just keep it. So I thought seriously about that. She must really believe in this healing ring for her to let some stranger take it. Plus the fact that she was wearing said jewelry and seemed to have had a past injury on her leg and was clearly walking fabulously!

I have to say I am a very very skeptical person about these things; miracle healers etc. and have never believed in anything like that. Well I am amazed because after wearing my beautiful “tree of life” style ring for one week, my arm is feeling great! I kept thinking this just cannot be, but it has to because I am not hurting and so very happy about this.

My family has really noticed me not complaining about my arm and smelling the yucky muscle creams i used. Thank you so much, Lindsay and Body Tune Plus! It was a great day when i met you! I am amazed!!

— Susan G.,  Houston, TX