Works On Dogs Too

Works On Dogs Too

The best thing that happened to my husband and I while on vacation was meeting and talking to you about the Body Tune bracelets. We noticed immediate relief to my shoulder and my husbands hip. My husband played the best game of golf ever the next day. We were so impressed with our results that we came back to your store in Eureka Springs the next day and purchased a bracelet for my mom who is 86.

She had recently had 3 back procedures to repair 3 fractured vertebrae. Her back doesn’t have the nagging, burning sensation any more. She is seeing a neurologist who is helping her build her bones so there won’t be any more fractures. When I told the Doctor about the bracelets and how they helped her pain, she was so impressed she wants to get one for her husband.

The best story of all is our dogs. We also purchased dog tags for our older dogs. The 10 year old Maltese is hopping around the yard like a little jackrabbit. He no longer needs to take the rimadal 2 times a day. The medication was really hard on his kidneys so this is a true life saver for him. The 9 year Brittany is also acting more like a puppy with the energy the tag gives him.

I have been able to get off two of my medications with the doctors approval. One was for the arthritis in my thumb joint. I haven’t had the pain in it for 6 weeks and no longer take the allopurinal.

I have several friends, co-workers, family and my boss wanting to order a bracelet. The patches you gave me were a wonderful way to let them try the product and see the results before committing to a purchase. Believe me, I will be shouting my pain free success to anyone who will listen and want to improve their energy and lifestyle. I just wanted to let you know how your product has helped so many people and pets.


-- Terri and Mark D.